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ATLAS Company for Travel and Tourism was established in 1986, with a full paid Capital of 990000 ID. It is a member in Baghdad Tourism Board of Iraq, in the Association of Travel and Tourism Offices, and in IATA and ASTA in 1986 and 1989, respectively. It is located on Al-Sa’adoon Street, which is one of the most important streets where all international travel companies’ only branches are available. The General Manager of the Company is Mr. Safa’a Jawad Ibrahim Al-Jassani who obtained his B.A in Trading in Baghdad in 1969. He has been a specialist in tourism for more than 30 years. He has more than 20 staff members trained for bookings and qualified in international traveling fields. It is a joint-stock company with more than 20 trading companies and five-star hotels in Iraq.

1.    The GSA of Ishtar Airlines to Dubai (2004-2006).

2.    The GSA of Wings of Lebanon- Damascus (2007-2008).

3.    The GSA of Wings of Lebanon- Beirut (2008-2009).

4.    The GSA Res Nu- Copenhagen (2008-2009).

5.    The GSA of Eihad Airways (Since 2010 until now).

6.    The Authorized Agent of the Iraqi Airways.

Atlas for Travel and Tourism is one of the oldest pioneer companies in Iraq and the most prestigious companies in the Arab world and in the Gulf. It offers comprehensive and complete services to the Iraqis, Arabs and foreigners to enjoy tourism in Iraq, a country of civilizations and prophets, as well as touristy programs to Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Dubai, Iran, KSA and Malaysia, and participation in touristy, medical, commercial and industrial exhibitions held in Arab and foreign countries all over the world.

It is the General Sales Agent (GSA) of Etihad Airways, whose Headquarter is in Abu-Dhabi- UAE. Etihad Ariways has a modern fleet traveling to most cities all over the world. Atlas Company is also an authorized agent of the Middle East Airlines of Lebanon and Egypt Air.  The company provides the ticket bookings, with competitive prices whenever and wherever you are, to all international Airlines from any country to another. It receives touristy and religious groups, Arabs and foreigners, arriving to Iraq, and arranges with largest Saudi companies for Hajj and Umrah, and provides hotel reservations all over the world. We are looking forward to cooperating with the international companies of the same field in the friendly countries.         

Our Services:

1.    Receiving touristy and religious groups, Arabs and foreigners, arriving to Iraq, meeting with their needs, and providing a trained and specialized staff for serving them.

2.    Providing ticket bookings from/to different destinations.

3.    Providing hotel reservations all over the world.

4.    Arranging wonderful tours to Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Malaysia, with competitive prices.

5.    Arranging for Hajj and Umrah, with competitive prices.

6.    Holding commercial, industrial, scientific and medical exhibitions all over the world.

7.    Organizing medical tourism and reserving in the best world hospitals; fully equipped ambulances in the airport.

8.    Providing various modern vehicles with or without a driver.

9.    Providing permanent tourist guides and secretaries with the ability of speaking different languages.

10. Providing packaging services, customs clearance and shipping to any country all over the world.       

Geographically, Iraq is a bridge that links between the East and the West. Iraq could be travelled to via air, land and sea. Iraq, besides the flights, is linked to European Union Countries by land (Baghdad- Zakho- Turkey- Bulgaria- then to other European countries. In addition, there is the railway of Orient Express train that links between Iraq to Syria and Turkey, and then to Europe. By sea, Iraq can be reached by Tartous port (in Syria), Beirut and Aqaba, and then by air or land. Also, Iraq is linked to the Far East countries directly by air, by sea (through Arabian Gulf countries) and by land (through Iran).


By land, Iraq, Iraq is linked to many Arabs countries directly or indirectly as well as the naval routes that connect it with other Arabian Gulf countries. As for the direct bord.


      Air Route

Now, there are five international airports in Iraq where passengers can arrive at daily; Iraqi Airways, private companies and other international and Arab companies arrange daily regular flights from/ to Iraqi airports.

1.    Baghdad International Airport.

2.    Basra International Airport.

3.    Sulaymaniyah International Airport.

4.    Erbil International Airport.

5.    Mosul Airport.

6.    Najaf Airport.

Land Route

1.    With Jordan: Baghdad- Ramadi- Mafraq- Amman 918 km.

2.    With Syria: There are two ways.

a.    Baghdad- Ramadi- Mafraq- Damascus 835 km.

b.    Baghdad- Mosul- Rabie’a- Aleppo 1066 km.

3.    With Kuwait: Baghdad- Basra- Safwan- Kuwait 740 km.

4.    With KSA: Baghdad- Ar’ar- Jidda 1200 km.

5.    With Turkey: Baghdad- Zakho- Ankara 1786 km.

6.    With Iran: there is more than one border crossing point; the shortest is Baghdad- Munthiriya Qasr Shereen- Tehran 960 km.

Naval Rout:

Iraq is located at the head of Arabian Gulf from the north. Basra is considered as the only direct naval rout that commercially connects Iraq to Arabian Gulf countries, West Asia countries and the rest countries in the world via naval crossing points:

1.    Umm Qasr Port.

2.    Khor Al-Zubair Port.

3.    Ma’aqal Port.

4.    Abu Flous Port.

5.    AlGhas AlSa’el Port (liquid Gas Port)


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