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Atlas for tourism and Travel Company is participating in building the Iraqi economy.



Atlas is pioneer in making all the trading and industrial and scientific fairs inside and outside the country. Our company is presenting all the required facilitations for traders and businessmen. We are organizing all the conferences and international fairs all over the world, especially the fairs that take care of raising the Iraqi industrial and trading situation and the rebuilding of Iraq’s fairs. We are inviting all the Iraqi and Arabic traders and businessmen to participate in these fairs in order to increase the trading exchange and acquire the experts from the international companies, marketing or buying or offering all their products and providing their requirements. We are providing the formal invitations and visa access, hotel reservations, tickets, shipping the marketing equipments that are participating in the fairs, hire the required areas and provide the necessary technical ways to make these fairs and conferences by special and professional sides. We are also providing the requirements of the global companies which wish to make special fairs inside Iraq, and coordinating between these companies and the Iraqi companies and provide the participation of the Iraqi traders and businessmen, and provide all the required things. We are inviting all the Iraqi traders and businessmen and local and international companies to participate in these fairs in order to increase the trading exchanging and acquire the experts from the international companies.






The Iraqi economy and the investment motivations in Iraq.


There is no doubt that the investment in Iraq and the entire companies in the reconstruction of Iraq’s programs become a global quest that many countries in the world want to have it, and it is not a chance of limited investment especially in the current situation of Iraq and its need to a strong basements to get out of the doldrums of the economy. The trading competition is very high between the countries in order to get the investment chances, and Iraq become a new trading market and it is considered a golden chance for the international markets. Iraq is having the abilities to raise its economy to the degree of the advanced countries during short period, if it will have the suitable conditions. Iraq is specialized in having huge oil fortune, the spare oil is about (112) billion tank and the possible spare oil is the double of the previous amount. So the investment is the priority thing for the country with great benefit for the investors. The new investment law gives the foreign investors great number of privileges like the authority of buying the shares and administrating the investing wallets. Also it gives the authority to make national committee for investing and gives the investing projects tax exemptions arrive to 15 years.







First gulf Iraqi expo


The first trading fair which the Iraqi government is making outside Iraq in order to rebuilt and enhances the Iraqi gulf trading relationships which was broken for a long period. This fair will include all the companies from Iraq and Arabian Gulf for the period between 24-262007 in the Bahraini capital Almanama. The activities of this fair will include conferences and mutual meetings and speeches regarding this conference. It will include also pioneer companies from different sectors and it will facilitate the way to the big investments and cooperation with these companies. This expo is considered as a noticeable mark to get the best job chances.

This expo will be attended by more than 12000 people from Iraq and the gulf area with more than 900 trademarks. They will meet more than 300 people from the decision makers who represent 28 ministries in the Iraqi government and cover all the governmental sectors in Iraq and more than 1250 businessmen. The expo will provide the direct interaction chance and completing the trading transactions.







Rebuilding Iraq fair


The Jordanian capital Amman is hosting the rebuilding of Iraq fair for the period from 4-742007 which is organized by the Iraqi economy developing center by cooperating with Expo Jordan company and gulf fairs company. The fair will include 900 pioneer companies in the reconstruction field from more than 43 countries.

This fair is not dealing with the private sectors companies only but it is hosting governmental and nongovernmental committees from different countries in the world such as the US trade ministry, the British trading and investment committee, Canadian ministries of trade and foreign, in addition to high level superior personalities from the Iraqi government. More than one thousand Iraqi and Arabic and foreign businessmen will be invited to this fair. This fair will be making in the fairs area in (Marj Alhamam) in Amman on a 25,000 square meters of land contains 14,000 square meters of ceiling areas and 4,000 square meters of empty spaces.







Dubai international trading center


Dubai international trading center is a great establishment has 27 years of experience in administrating the properties and hotels and organizing the fairs and providing the catering services. It is also the main company of Dubai fairs and conferences center. Dubai international trading center is now includes Dubai international conferences and fairs center, which provides the majesty of residence in the location through novotel hotel of Dubai international trading center and Epes of Dubai international trading center and Dubai international hotel flats. All these locations are owned by Dubai international trading center.

The center is administrating expo airport-Dubai which is near Dubai international airport. This establishment kept its pioneer role in manufacturing the flourishing fairs in the Middle East area along three decades by studying the futuristic needs in order to answer all the needs. Dubai international trading center is hosting more than 60 international fair covering big group of sectors like health and oil, gas, internal designing, fashions, electronic, traveling, tourism, and education. The success of Dubai international trading center is appearing year after year through the organizing many important fairs like Gtex – which is the biggest and most important fair for information technology in the area, and gulf food, Capsat, and the international middle east fair for cars


Atlas travel and tourism Participation in Vienna exhibition 2013





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